01. The fire [marshal] is investigating a suspicious blaze which destroyed a church over the weekend.
02. The soldier [marshalled] all his courage and ran towards the enemy.
03. The teacher [marshalled] all the students together and led them onto the bus.
04. The President has ordered the [marshalling] of the National Guard to help in relief efforts in the areas hit by the hurricane.
05. The protest demonstration was conducted under the watchful eye of a dozen [marshals].
06. A federal [marshal] was seriously injured in a shoot-out with suspected drug dealers.
07. U.S. [marshals] have arrested a number of people at the border after their vehicle was found to be carrying over 20 kilos of cocaine.
08. The runner [marshalled] all his strength for the last few miles of the marathon.
09. The popular singer has been named Grand [Marshal] of the Christmas parade.
10. The captain [marshalled] all his troops for a final assault on the enemy's position.
11. Parade [marshals] were stationed at various points along the route to ensure that everything went smoothly.
12. The German army under Field [Marshal] Erwin Rommel achieved remarkable victories in the African campaign during World War II.
13. You'd better [marshal] all your facts and figures so that you have a convincing case when you meet with the boss.
14. The union is [marshalling] its members from all over the country for a massive demonstration outside Parliament tomorrow.
15. John Haggai once observed, "Gather in your resources, rally all your faculties, [marshal] all your energies, focus all your capacities upon mastery of at least one field of endeavor."

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